Thursday, 28 January 2016


In the name of Allah the ruler of the land and the sea...
Peace upon you.

Well, first of all, I will gladly thank Si Fa for giving me this starting point of having a blogger account. Actually, I do had one before when I was 10 I guess but then unfortunately, I was going so busy with all my highschool stuffs and end up by deleting the account. I even had forgetten the email adress. Well, that s what I call my childhood. I never thought of having one by now since Im currently 18 years old lady and about to pursue my study to college. Besides, todays, I prefer to write on my personal journals or so called diary by my youngest sister. Luckily, this on sahabiah which I call her, Si Fa, my little cute kitten, had made me an account so I will be composing posts for good. Well, I do anyway. Haha
Thoughts. That was the first word that cross my mind when I finally decided to agree with her who volunteerly want to build this lovely one. At first, I planned to write about how my life makes me grow daily but then, I thought of thoughts as I has this one particular interest in how people think. I don't know why, but since I was a little girl, I love to be alone and watch what people surround me do or act on something. As I grown up, I realised that humans have different minds that make us as human have a particular way of reaction toward something. What people think give thoughts to me and that makes me grateful to be a muslim. Im not going to be racist but I would say that, Islam teaches me how to live as good as what life supposed to. Sad to admit this but looking at how muslim nowadays live, Im worried of myself because I know, to fit in the community is going to be as difficult it is today but no matter what I need to face it. Well maybe that s what I thought.

I believe Allah, The Creator, had planned the best pathway for me. So, all bad thoughts should be get rid, aint I right? Well, I know it is not easy right... but, good thoughts of Him will ease you to walkthrough every challenges.

Hey, guess what? I ve just received Si Fa's chat. Glad to have this beloved little girl to guide me. haha love you dear! ;)
So guys, my first post kinda awkward at the end. I have no idea why this feeling strucked me. Have a blast!

"Allah will exalt in degree those of who believe and those who have been granted knowledge." (Quran 58 : 11)

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